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A team sport game paintball was chosen to be performed. The whole team of the company took part in the event. Employees of the growing S-Manufakturing team had a chance to get to know each other in an informal atmosphere, to relieve stress, to show tactical and team skills and the speed of reaction. Participants divided into two teams and competed in the struggle for the pivot points of the playing field.

Contrary to popular belief, paintball and other command-and-paramilitary sports games are not so much about shooting as about general physical training, which includes various kinds of loads. Extreme training strictly takes place outdoors, have a positive effect on the body, improve coordination in particular.

The day ended with the preparation of juicy bbq for the whole large company. The participants of the training were charged with positive emotions and excellent mood.

The bus bridge manufactured by S-Manufacturing was delivered to the Customer to be used at a grain terminal in the seaport of the Odessa region.

For the convenience of transportation and installation the bridge is made in the form of individual modules, which are easily interconnected by bolted connections.

Individual modules are made of sheet galvanized metal with a zinc coating density of 275 g/m2 and represent a rivet-bolt design. High zinc density in the coating prevents corrosion of the metal, which ensures a service life of at least 25 years. This is especially important in an aggressive environment of the seaport.

The tires inside the bridge are firmly fixed to the insulators. An additional factor in improving the reliability of the equipment is the use of the disk washer system, which ensures reliable connection of parts.

For reference

S-Manufacturing produces bus bridges for operation in networks with isolated or deaf-earthed neutral with a voltage of 0.4-10 kV of industrial frequency of 50 (60) Hz, rated current up to 5000 A. They are intended for making electrical connections of switchgears of complete transformer substations of power systems, industrial enterprises, oil fields, agricultural enterprises, seaport transshipment complexes, etc.


S-Manufacturing received the certificate of compliance with the international standard DSTU EN 62271-200 for the complete switchgear OBERON series.

The certificate of conformity of DSTU EN 62271-200 is a confirmation of the quality of the products, which meets international standards and requirements, meets the declared technical characteristics, the declared quality of used materials and components, environmental safety requirements and maintenance personnel safety.

While passing the certification, S-Manufacturing production complex was audited. The audit confirmed the production capabilities of the manufacturer to produce products according to the specified standard.

The main task of the OBERON switchgear is the economical and reliable distribution of energy. Solutions for medium voltage systems based on the OBERON switchgear meets the growing technical requirements and provide reliable energy distribution.

June 1, the companies of the SE Group International holding hosted the most fun, educational, musical, experimental, and, of course, delicious - traditional Children's Day. Every year we look forward to the arrival of our young visitors to answer one of the main questions: where do their parents work?

To tell in simple about complicated, to show how to bend and cut metal by pressing a few keys, make souvenirs, and even ride on a forklift - all these can do our wonderful electricians of the production complex of S-Manufacturing!



Being charged with a good mood and having refilled with treatsour inquisitive young researchers went to discover the world in the Museum of Interesting Science because it is better to see and touch once than to hear 100 times.




The day ended with gifts, a photo session and delicious treats! Because these kids  are our future and all the best to them!

S-Manufacture officially became a licensee of the Danish manufacturer of shield equipment Logstrup

S-Manufacturing company received the right to manufacture low-voltage switchboards and control panels based on constructive solutions of the Danish company Logstrup. The licensing agreement was concluded between the European manufacturer of switchboard equipment and S-Manufakturing, Odessa-based production company. To date S-Manufacturing is the exclusive representative of the Logstrup brand in Ukraine.

The modular system of metal structures and bus bars allows to assemble LV switchboards of any configuration in a stationary, removable and withdrawable version with a high degree of internal sectioning (up to 4b according to IEC 61439-1,2) for currents up to 8500A, which is a unique offer on the market.

Logstrup's certified design withstands high vibrational loads, which allows Logstrup to be used on marine vessels, bridges, oil platforms and other heavy-duty facilities.

For reference:Logstrup (Denmark) is one of the leading European innovators and manufacturers in the field of modular switchboard systems. The company was established in 1958. Developed a number of advanced hull solutions for electrical panels with rated currents up to 8500A and protection degree up to IP54.

S-Manufacturing is a Ukrainian manufacturing company specialized on manufacture of switchboard equipment for power distribution and automation systems. Own production complex is located in Odessa. The company is a partner of S-Engineering, Siemens-Ukraine and others.


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