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On the 1st of January, 2016 a number of standards came into force (according to Order number 145 issued on November 5, 2015). New standards of medium voltage switchgears manufacture allows to launch high-quality, complete distribution systems that will meet the European standards, including State Standard of Ukraine EN 62271-200: 2015 on the international market.

This standard covers the complete medium-voltage switchgears, and it is adopted instead of all-Union State Standard 14693 and all-Union State Standard 14694 accepted in the USSR.

The new standards eliminate barriers and launches Ukrainian products on the international market. Compliance of "S-Manufacturing" equipment with all international standards guarantees our Customers the reliability, efficiency and safety of our medium-voltage switchgears.

Our experts monitor changes in the regulatory documents and all international standards. In the manufacture of equipment we follow all the requirements of standards and regulatory documents, thereby ensuring high quality and contributing the strengthening of relations with all parties concerned, which produce components and operate the products manufactured by "S-Manufacturing".

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