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Bag filter - one of the most effective types of high-dust air purification. Effective fine and coarse dust trapping helps to maintain environmental standards.

Local filters are used to clean the air from production processes dust, dust from operation of industrial equipment (elevator, conveyor, hoppers, etc.) that are part of aspiration network.

Metalwork of filter is completely made of galvanized steel of high quality, with covering density of 275 g / m2. Local filters are manufactured in horizontal and vertical versions, depending on the purpose. In the construction of the filter there are no nondetachable connecting elements, that allows, if it`s necessary, to change easily vertical design into horizontal and vice versa.

Pneumatic filter is made up of components of the Italian manufacturer "Camozzi", which is a leader in the production of pneumatic components for industrial automation. All pneumatic equipment complies with explosion protection requirements according to ATEX 21 standards.

This type of filters has its own draft equipment, mounted on the casing.

Filtering elements are basically bags. Fabric made of synthetic calendered polyester is used as a filter material.

System of pulse regeneration of filter elements, that works by mechanical shaking, provides independence of operation and operational integrity of bag filters. Regeneration is automatic, with a time interval that does not require stopping the working process. The dust, deposited on the filter elements, returns to the process stream with shaking.

The service life of the filter bags in the baghouse filters on average 2-3 years, and in some cases can reach 6 or more years of effective work. Timely replacement of filter bags is a guarantee of effective work of the local bag filter, and the emergence of more modern filtration materials ensures the relevance of the filter bag in case of reduction of environmental standards on the residual dust content in the future.

Local filters manufactured by "S-Manufacturing" are used for cleaning aspiration emissions of the food industry, in particular emissions of agricultural sector. For example, filters can be used in the construction of new or modernization of existing elevators and Ukrainian grain handling terminals.

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