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S-Manufacturing cooperates with system integrators in creation of UPS systems. We produce metal casing, bypass cabinets, battery cabinets on the basis of cabinets of NP series with degree of protection up to IP 54.

Battery cabinets correspond fully to the Customer's objectives and are the products of maximum factory readiness, required bearing capacity, optimal dimensions and layout. Cabinets, completed with fixed or roll-out battery shelves or trays are manufactured according to the technical task. These elements are designed in accordance with the dimensions of the battery, which provides a compact construction, reliable mounting, safe operation and maintenance. The cabinet can be equipped with a set of battery connectors, fuse box, temperature sensor of cabinet monitoring system, mechanical ventilation system, 19" construct for accommodation of UPS.

For especially dusty rooms, it was designed a cabinet with dimensions of 2000x800x1200 mm with IP54 degree of protection, with the possibility of air overpressure from the air piping, which allows to accommodate modular UPS with a capacity of 75kVA and a battery set. The cabinet is adapted to the climate system, based on the wall-hanging refrigeration unit. Temperature setting of the unit inside the cabinet range from +15 to +25 ° C. Separation of hot and cold air streams is implemented in the cabinet, which allows to improve system efficiency and to avoid local overheating. Such cabinet is provided with a set of battery connectors.

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