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Locking-roller shutters are a new type of products manufactured by S-Manufakturing. Shutters have a cross-section of 450х450 mm and 250х250 mm.

They consist of prefabricated metal case, made of high-quality galvanized steel, in which rollers are installed to support the gate. Slate for valves 450x450 is made of galvanized sheet steel, for valves 250x250 of sheet steel with the application of protective coating, soil, which increases the resistance to corrosion. To move to the gate with screws, the rack is attached. The movement mechanism consists of a steering wheel with a pinion, planted on one shaft. The valves 450x450 have two gears and two steering wheels mounted on the common shaft. The gears of the movement mechanism are in mesh with the slat rail. When turning the handwheel in one direction or another, the slide moves, opening and closing the hole to the required value.

The design of the valves is additionally equipped with inserts made of polyurethane, which allows to avoid the freezing of the slide to the rollers in winter.

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