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The bus bridge manufactured by S-Manufacturing was delivered to the Customer to be used at a grain terminal in the seaport of the Odessa region.

For the convenience of transportation and installation the bridge is made in the form of individual modules, which are easily interconnected by bolted connections.

Individual modules are made of sheet galvanized metal with a zinc coating density of 275 g/m2 and represent a rivet-bolt design. High zinc density in the coating prevents corrosion of the metal, which ensures a service life of at least 25 years. This is especially important in an aggressive environment of the seaport.

The tires inside the bridge are firmly fixed to the insulators. An additional factor in improving the reliability of the equipment is the use of the disk washer system, which ensures reliable connection of parts.

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S-Manufacturing produces bus bridges for operation in networks with isolated or deaf-earthed neutral with a voltage of 0.4-10 kV of industrial frequency of 50 (60) Hz, rated current up to 5000 A. They are intended for making electrical connections of switchgears of complete transformer substations of power systems, industrial enterprises, oil fields, agricultural enterprises, seaport transshipment complexes, etc.

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