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The S-Manufacturing company manufactured and supplied electric distribution equipment for the recently opened center of nephrology and hemodialysis in Odessa. The center is the largest in Ukraine.

S-Manufacturing company produced and supplied electrical distribution equipment for the medical center under construction in Odessa.

The party of local control panels, manufactured by the production company S-Manufacturing, is being prepared for delivery to the Customer. Panels are used in process automation systems in conjunction with controllers, can be connected to any consumer, depending on the required functions.

Locking-roller shutters are a new type of products manufactured by S-Manufakturing. Shutters have a cross-section of 450х450 mm and 250х250 mm.

S-Manufacturing is completing the supply of low voltage equipment to provide power distribution for the complex for storage and processing of agricultural products Vostochny for a farm in Snigirevka, Mykolayiv region.

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